Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs about Acupuncture Courses

You might have so many doubts/questions in your mind about course, duration, fees, legal status, certificates, clinical practice, etc.


Q&A NASA BSS Acupuncture Courses

Q: Is this course approved by Govt/University? is this certificate of NASA valid to practice in clinic? A: Acupuncture is approved by Govt of India; Certificate is provided by BSS (Bharath Samaj Sevak), which is affiliated to Govt Body, Planning Commission of India; however, there is no university in India yet, which legally provides degrees or PG certificates to open clinic and practice like BAMS/BDS/MBBS


Q: Who can do Acupuncture Courses?

A: Anyone with basic 10+2, Degree (any), PG, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists, lab technicians, dentists, biotech students can do.  They must have fashion for healthcare and caring attitude.


Q: Can I Open the clinic after the course in my town? A: After clearing all theory and practical/clinical exams, you need to work under guidance of senior doctor to gain confidence to work independently, then apply for KPME registration under alternative medicine category to open the clinic, but cannot use Dr. Tittle but can work as therapist. Plans are underway to form Karnataka Acupuncture Council, like Ayush, which can regulate acupuncture practice in Karnataka.


Q: There are so many doctors already in my town/city, is this a good career choice?

A: Yes, in Karnakaka only few 100s of good acupuncturists are found, and there is shortage of well-trained and experienced acupuncture therapists. Acupuncture is natural, without side effects, can treat many incur able diseases, where is there is no cure in allopathy or other alternative medicines.

Acupuncture can provide low cost, yet effective care for masses, and cures root causes of chronic diseases. There is very good future for well trained and qualified acupuncture specialists across India and abroad.

Q: Can I learn all subjects in just 1 year compared to 5-1/2 years of MBBS/BAMS/BHMS.

A: Acupuncture/TCM concepts are very simple as we can learn and treat 100s of diseases just with one diagnosis, so using special memory and learning methods, you can learn in 1 year.


Q: Do you provide stipend during training, and if yes, how much I can earn?

A: Stipend is possible only after clearing all theory/practical exams, when you are ready to treat patients independently during patient’s home visits or in affiliate clinics during internship. The amount of stipend depends upon the number of patients you attend and results of therapy. If you can attend 3-5 patients per day, you can earn from 15,000 to 25,000 per month stipend.


Q: What can we treat in acupuncture?

A: Acupuncture can treat almost all chronic diseases, such as all pains, slip disc, paralysis, fits, obesity, digestive problems, arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, etc. It can also treat acute emergencies, such as sudden hypotension, fainting, stroke, shock, acute pain, acute vomiting.

Q: What are course charges/fees? can I pay in instalments? is it refundable If I cancel the course?

A: Fees will be modest compared to other institutes, must be paid upfront before commencing the course, fees will not be refunded under any circumstances as BSS takes fees upfront and their policy is not to return or refund fees once the course begins. Please clear all the queries before joining to avoid any confusion.

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