India's First and Only Integrated Medicine Acupuncture Internship in Real Hospital Setup by NASA. Acupuncture Classes can teach you hardly 10% knowledge while Internship teaches you 90% Clinical Skills, Must to Get Confidence to Open a Clinic and Start Successful Practice...

Only NASA offers full-time and weekend internship in real hospital setup with bedside training, live inpatient and outpatient practice under guidance from senior medical doctors with 40 years of combined experience from biggest hospital in KA. Learning acupuncture without hospital internship is like learning swimming without swimming pool, learning driving without sitting in vehicle, learning piloting without stepping into aeroplane, etc.

First Time in India, Acupuncture Integrated Medicine students can get a stipend of 15-25,000 PM after qualification to practice in hospital setup........For hardworking students and fast learners, we have earn-while-you-learn curriculum to make course with money(fees)-back ...... (T&C apply). Send mail for details..

More about NASA's Integrated medicine acupuncture college...

Quality in Acupuncture-Acupressure Training Classes

National Acupuncture Science Academy aims to revolutionize the way Indian students learn and practice integrated medicine that includes acupuncture,  cupping therapy, TCM herbals acupressure, basic allopathy home nursing care, clinical nutrition etc. NASA offers best acupuncture training courses in Bangalore with advanced diploma, MD Acu, 

Also, NASA conducts certified, Govt of India promoted BSS, special acupuncture courses online/classroom for doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, paramedics in Karnataka, India; PNST, Cupping, Hijama with 100% practicals, pre-clinicals, and internship in hospital to gain crucial clinical experience that is must before opening clinic to practice acupuncture. 

So many search for top Integrated Medicine Acupuncture College, OIUCMED, University, Srilanka, FAST board, Bangalore, Acupressure System, Acusthan, BSS certifications, etc. 

Learning acupuncture online or in classroom is an advanced science as it includes the in-depth knowledge of human body including the anatomy of human body structure, the physiology how the body functions, pathology of the disease processes, diagnosis and lab studies as well as symptoms of the various diseases.

Acupuncture courses in Bangalore are offered by NASA Academy. Only studying acupuncture acupressure points for particular diseases or symptoms means it is just a temporary relief of acute symptoms. The real acupuncture study and the acupuncture course includes the study of basic applied human body anatomy, various diagnostic and lab studies including various radiological scans as many people or patients come to clinic with reports of lab tests, scans for acupuncturist to see, study, interpret and plan for treatment in acupuncture or acupressure.

More about NASA's Integrated medicine acupuncture college...

How to Study Acupuncture-Acupressure? 

If you are looking for BSc acupuncture courses, diploma or advanced/master diploma in acupuncture, or MD Acu from reputed university, you also need study acupuncture / acupressure from reputed and best acupuncture study college in India, NASA.

Acupuncture course details include course duration, eligibility, faculty, course tuition fees, class timings, etc. If you search acupuncture courses near me in, you can come across which shows nearest branch in Google Map.

Best acupuncture courses in Bangalore usually start new batches every January / June but due to pandemic, late admission are also considered. FAQs on acupuncture courses in India include various commonly asked questions about acupressure acupuncture classes, fees, certifications, practice eligibility, whether I can open a clinic after course, etc.

NASA's best acupuncture courses eligibility include PUC, 10+2, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, BAMS, BHSM, BDS/dentists aged between 19 to 60 years with passion for learning.

Due to pandemic many students started learning acupuncture courses online via Zoom app or Google video meeting; however, only classes can teach only basic theory and one cannot become therapist or doctors only with online acupuncture training classes. 

Acupuncture courses distance learning include correspondence, books, postal course, online video classes, but these are not valid as physical presence is must to learn practicals, clinicals, to examine patient, to needle patients, etc.

Acupuncture courses cost include cost of study materials, books, acupuncture charts, tuition fees, needles, cups, etc. Usually acupuncture course in America, Singapur, Europe include 3+1 year that costs upto 5-8 lacs but India acupuncture training fees cost upto 25 ,000 to 2 lakhs based upon course.

Diploma in Acupuncture or D.Acu is the best acupuncture courses for beginners in Bangalore offered by NASA. Teaches all basic science subjects, basic human body structures, basic medical terminologies, basic drugs, lab test, diagnostic words, etc.


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